Green Jack Brewery


The UK's Most Easterly Brewers - Lowestoft, Suffolk


6x 750ml Flower Power 6.0% abv



Box Contains: x6 Conditioned Bottles

x6 Flower Power 6.0% is the stronger version of our famous Elderflower ale Summer Dream. A floral, crisp, pale ale brewed with handpicked Elderflowers from the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside. Contains malted barley and wheat. 

Note: This product contains live yeast and sediment, it will need to be left in a cool place and standing for at least twelve hours before drunk. Once you are ready to drink the beer, it needs to be opened carefully and decanted into a jug bing careful to leave an inch or so at the bottom for the sediment.

Consuming the sediment should not cause illness, however we do not advise it.