Green Jack Brewery


The UK's Most Easterly Brewers - Lowestoft, Suffolk


x2 Lurcher 4.8% x2 Ripper 8.5% x2 Baltic Trader 10.5%



A mixed case of 6 750ml bottles - this box has both of our stouts and the award winning Ripper! 

Box Contains:

x2 Lurcher 4.8% abv is a rich smooth stout, a roasty dark ale with mature blackcurrent in the aroma and a fruity hoppy bitterness in the taste, quickly giving way to a long sweetish aftertaste. Allergy Info: Contains Wheat and Malted Barley

x2 Ripper 8.5% abv is the Green Jack Brewing Companys champion Barley Wine. Inspired by Belgian tripel ales, this multi-awarding winning brew is dangerously drinkable. Rich amber in colour; Ripper is sweet and fruity with a robust hoip charcter and a warming finish. Allergy info: Contains Wheat, Barley and Maize 

x2 Baltic Trader 10.5% abv is an Extra Strong Export Stout. A real heavy weight, Baltic Trader is an extra strong export stout brewed with molasses and three roasted malts, giving fruity flavours with hints of vanilla and roasted coffee. It's like a rich plum pudding in a glass! Allergy info: Contains Wheat and Barley


Note: This product contains live yeast and sediment, it will need to be left in a cool place and standing for at least twelve hours before drunk. Once you are ready to drink the beer, it needs to be opened carefully and decanted into a jug being careful to leave an inch or so at the bottom for the sediment.

Consuming the sediment should not cause illness, however we do not advise it.