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The UK's Most Easterly Brewers - Lowestoft, Suffolk



We stock a wide range of 20 litre bag in boxes available all year round. Below are some of the ciders we stock but please call on 01502562863 or email for further details.

Some of our suppliers include:

- Thistly Cross

- Burnards Cider

- Gwynt y Ddraig

- Westons Ciders

- Snailsbank Ciders

Burnard's Norfolk Cider


Traditional Cider makers on the outskirts of Banham in Norfolk, Burnard's Cider has been producing award winning cider since 1988. All cider is made using 100% local real apples selected and pressed by themselves and fermented in natural yeast. We regulary stock:

Oaky Dokey 6.0% 

Matured from French and American oak, Oaky Dokey is clear and bright with a golden hue. As a medium/dry cider it is mellow and smooth with an undercurrent of vanilla and roasted coffee and a woody after taste. 

Monty's Double 6.0%

The Bramley apple is prodominatley used for sharpness with Discovery apples for softeness and hue. Straight from the tree into the mill and press! Clear with a slight rose bluch/tinge, Monty's Double is smooth and crips with a sharp dry bite in the finish.. the Bramley Bite.

Red Rosie 7.2%

A red, soft and fruity easy drinking medium cider. Perfect for hot sunny days!

Gwynt y Ddraig


What started off as a hobby on the home farm in Llantwit Farde, South Wales, quickly became much more serious and an expanded selection of draught and oak-matured ciders followed. We regularly stock:

Black Dragon 7.2% (medium)

It is rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh, fruity aroma. 

Celtic Warrior 5.5% (sweet)

This warrior of a cider is sweet but mighty on flavour. The result is a cider with a full depth of colour and a matured flavour with a smooth balanced finish. 

Happy Daze 4.5% (medium)

Who can resist a light, bright, fruity glass of Happy Daze? It's got a smooth and fresh tasting finish. It's light and a very easy to drink medium cider.

Snails Bank Cider


Based in Herefordshire Snails Bank Cider select the best fruit that locality has to offer and use years of experience to craft ciders that are traditional, yet suit the modern palate. We regularly stock:

Fruit Bat 4.0% (sweet)

Crisp apple cider blended with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant. Perfect over ice a freshly mowed lawn. 

Appley Dapply 5.2% (sweet)

A sweet, lively cider that blends traditional bitter sweet apples with a more contemporary Russet apple to make a light, refreshing and quaffable cider. 

Orchard Dry 5.2% (dry)

A more challenging cider for the connoisseur, not so dry as to be unpleasant, just slightly sweeter to ensure a crisp balanced cider where all the flavours really shine through.