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What is the life of the bottled beer I have ordered?

Each Real ale you have ordered online will have a best before date on it.  Best Before dates increase the higher the ABV.

What is Real Ale?

Real Ale is a name for draught (or bottled) beer brewed using traditional methods & ingredients.  This is then matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed and served.

Do I need to let the ale rest before drinking?

Some of our ales are sterile filtered which means the sediment has been removed during bottling which means you can pour the whole bottle into a glass these are our 500ml bottles.
Our 750ml flip-top bottles are all conditioned which means you will need to let them settle after delivery and decant into a jug (unless you have a large enough glass to pour the whole bottle in).

If I select FREE DELIVERY TO NR32 & NR33 Postcodes, what day will it be delivered?

To make this option cost-effective we will deliver when one of our drays are passing your address, if you would like to know when it will be delivered please email us.
If you require your items next day then please select the correct postage. Orders placed after 14:00 will be processed next day.

What payment methods can I use?

Payment is processed via PayPal. You don't have to have an account with PayPal to use your Visa Credit Card, Mastercard, Visa Debit Card & Maestro Debit Card.


Have you won many awards for your real ales?

Below are the extensive list of traditional real ale awards won by the Green Jack Brewing Company.

National Real Ale Awards Won By Ripper
“Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Great Britain 2007″
Bronze | Overall | GBBF 2007
Silver | Barley Wines | Winter Beers 2007
Bronze | Strong Ales | SIBA 2009

Regional Real Ale Awards Won by Ripper
Gold | Barley Wines | Peterborough 1996
Gold | Barley Wines | Peterborough 1997
Gold | Strong Ales | Peterborough 1998
Gold | Strong Ales | Peterborough 1999
Gold | Overall | Ely 2004
Silver | Strong Ales | Peterborough 2007
Gold | Strong Bitters | Norwich 2007
Gold | Strong Ales | Peterborough 2008
Silver | Strong Ales | East Anglian 2008
Silver | Overall | East Anglian 2008
Gold | Strong Ales | SIBA East 2009
Gold Strong Ales Peterborough 2009
Silver Overall Peterborough 2009
Bronze Strong Ales Norwich 2009
Bronze Strong Ales Peterborough 2010
Gold Strong Ales SIBA East 2010
Bronze Strong Ales Norwich 2010

Real Ale Awards Won By Canary Pale Ale
Gold | Standard Bitters | Portsmouth 2001
Bronze | Golden Ales | Norwich 2006
Silver | Golden Ales | Norwich 2007

Real Ale Awards Won by Orange Wheat Beer
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2000
Silver | Overall | Leicester 2005
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2005
Gold | Overall Champion | Norwich 2005
Gold | Flavoured Ales | Peterborough 2006
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2006
Silver | Overall | Norwich 2006
Silver | Flavoured Ales | Peterborough 2007
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2007
Silver | Speciality Ales | SIBA East 2009
Gold Speciality Ales Swindon 2009
Silver Overall Swindon 2009
Bronze Speciality Ales SIBA East 2010

Real Ale Awards Won by Lurcher Stout
Silver | Stouts & Porters | Peterborough 2008
Silver | Stouts & Porters | SIBA East 2009
Bronze Stouts & Porters Macclesfield 2010
Gold Stouts & Porters SIBA East 2010
Bronze Overall SIBA East 2010

Real Ale Awards Won by Mahseer IPA
Bronze | Premium Bitters | Peterborough 2007
Bronze | Strong Bitters | Norwich 2008
Silver | Premium Bitters | SIBA East 2009

Real Ale Awards Won by Summer Dream
Gold | Specialist | Peterborough 1997
Gold | Overall Champion | Salisbury 1997
Silver | Overall | Chelmsford 2000
Gold | Overall Champion | Chelmsford 2001
Gold Specialist Peterborough 2010
Gold Overall Champion Peterborough 2010

Real Ale Awards Won by Gone Fishing
Silver | IPA’s | Macclesfield 2010

Real Ale Awards  Won by Fruit Bat
Silver Specialist Norwich 2010

Real Ale Awards  Won by Hop Harvest
Silver Specialist Norwich 2010

Real Ale Awards Won by Baltic Trader
Gold Overall Champion Chelmsford Winter beers 2010