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The UK's Most Easterly Brewers - Lowestoft, Suffolk


Traditional Real Ales & Stout

Permanent Range

Golden Best 3.8% abv


Golden Best is our easy drinking session beer brewed with German lager hops and locally grown East Anglian malt. Golden Best has a light floral aroma, clean and crisp and a slightly crisp finish.

Manderina 4.2% abv


Manderina is a bright golden ale brewed with fresh and dry orange peel. It has been brewed using the fruity and citrussy hop Mandarina Bavaria to give a distinct tangerina flavour, a floral aroma and a smooth subtle bitterness with a soft sweetish finish. Mandarina is one of our best selling beers, enjoyed by both men and women alike.


Jester Pale Ale 4.4% abv


Jester, a brand new brew for 2018. Jester has been brewed using the new English hop Jester which showcases tropical fruit flavours giving this hoppy pale ale a fruity aromas with a long bitter finish.

Trawlerboys Best Bitter 4.6% abv


Trawlerboys Best Bitter is a full-bodied, copper coloured, premium bitter brewed with English whole cone hops, rich and malty with fruity hopy hop flavours. The pump clip features the Lowestoft-built stern trawler (1978) the Boston Sea Stallion, launched by none other than Mrs Thatcher. 


Lurcher Stout 4.8% abv


Lurcher Stout is rich smooth stout, a roasty dark ale with mature blackcurrant in the aroma and fruity, hoppy bitterness in the taste quickly giving way to a long, sweetish aftertaste.

Red Herring (Smoked Ale) 5.0% abv


Red Herring is a rich, fruity red ale, brewed with Oak and Beech smoked malts, giving the beer its subtle smokey flavour and dry smokey finish. Red Herring is brewed with inspiration from German 'rauch' beers. 


Gone Fishing ESB 5.5% abv


Gone Fishing Extra Special Bitter is very traditonal in style, even though it is brewed with American hops. A deel amber coloured ale, Gone Fishing is fruity and malty - it goes down far too easily for a beer of this strength.

Mahseer IPA 5.8% abv


Mahseer IPA is now brewed at a higher strength of 5.8% abv India Pale Ale as it was always intended to be strong bitter and very hoppy! Named after the legendary Golden Mahseer, which is the most highly prized fish a freshwater angler can catch.


Ripper 8.5% abv


Ripper is the Green Jack Brewing Company's champion Barley Wine. Inspired by Belgian tripel ales, this multi-award winning brew is dangerously drinkable. Rich amber in colour; Ripper is sweet and fruity with a robust hop character and a warming finish. 

Baltic Trader 10.5% abv


Baltic Trader is a real heavy weight, Baltic Trader is an extra strong export stout brewed with molasses and three roasted malts, giving fruity flavours with hints of vanilla and roasted coffee, It's like a rich plum pudding in a glass!


Green Jack Seasonal & Occasional Brews

Along side our permanent range of real ales our brewer Daron Fowle also brews monthly seasonal ales.

January and February


Waxwing 3.9% Waxwing is a thirst quenching, refreshing pale ale with a light flowery aroma on the nose, the body of the beer is slightly spicy with a clean crisp finish at the end.

March and April


Drifter 4.0% Drifter is our seasonal ale for Spring. Amber in colour, this bitter has well balanced fruity flavours in the backbone with a nice smooth finish.


May and June


Excelsior 4.0% Excelsior is a clean crisp ale with balanced malts.This golden ale has a fruity hop character and aprominent floral aroma making this beer a easy drinking session ale, perfect for Spring and welcoming in the Summer.

CAMRA Mild May


Albion Mild 3.8% is a full bodied dark mild with a deep sweet aroma and a soft bitterness towards the end. Albion Mild was brewed in celebrations of the Wherry Albion built on the shores of Lowestoft’s Lake Lothing in 1985.


June, July and August


Summer Dream 4.0% Summer Dream is our most popular seasonal ale and can only be brewed once the Elderflowers bloom. There is often a waiting list for the first brew with customers keen to get their hands on this beer. Summer Dream is brewed with fresh Elderflowers and is a clean, crisp, pale ale with vibrant floral aromas.



Flower Power 6.0% is the stronger version of our most popular seasonal ale Summer Dream, only brewed once a year on the ten barrel plant, the forty firkins we brew are in high demand. A clean crisp pale ale with fantastic fresh floral aromas.


September and October


Jenny Morgan 4.0% has become one of our most popular seasonal ales, copper in colour Jenny Morgan is a traditional English bitter with a rounded soft malty bitterness. An ideal Autumn ale. 



Fruit Bat 5.5% iavailable all year round, but mostly sold in October in time for Halloween. Our Gone Fishing is infused with plums to create a deep amber coloured beer with a sweet fruity finish. 




Canary 3.8% is a clean crisp pale ale with a delicate floral aromas, tropical fruit undertones and an exploding floral hoppiness. Canary is a real easy drinking session ale.

November and December


Old Cock 4.4% is otherwise known as Ploughboys after the Old Glory Molly Dancers. A rich chestnut brown ale with fruity flavours, deep fruit aroma and a nutty finish. A real winter warmer for the long cold nights. 


Red-Robin SML.png

Red Robin 4.1% is based on an old Irish recipie, Red Robin is a ruby ale brewed with bags of crystal malt giving the beer a rich fruity malt flavours and a really smooth finish. 

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