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Our Awards


Real Ale Awards won by Green Jack Brewing Company. 

Below are the extensive list of traditional real ale awards won by the Green Jack Brewing Company.


Real Ale Awards Won By Canary Pale 3.8%

GoldStandard BittersPortsmouth 2001
BronzeGolden AlesNorwich 2006
SilverGolden AlesNorwich 2007


Real Ale Awards Won By Golden Best 3.8%

GoldStandard BittersSIBA East 2012


Real Ale Awards Won By Summer Dream 4.0%

GoldSpecialistPeterborough 1997
GoldOverall ChampionSalisbury 1997
SilverOverallChelmsford 2000
GoldOverall ChampionChelmsford 2001
GoldSpecialistPeterborough 2010
GoldOverall ChampionPeterborough 2000
GoldOverallRanworth 2013


Real Ale Awards Won By Orange Wheat Bear 4.2%

GoldSpeciality AlesNorwich 2000
SilverOverallLeicester 2005
GoldSpeciality AlesNorwich 2005
GoldOverall ChampionNorwich 2005
GoldFlavoured AlesPeterborough 2006
GoldSpeciality AlesNorwich 2006
SilverOverallNorwich 2006
SilverFlavoured AlesPeterborough 2007
GoldSpeciality AlesNorwich 2007
SilverSpeciality AlesSIBA East 2009
GoldSpeciality AlesSwindon 2009
SilverOverallSwindon 2009
BronzeSpeciality AlesSIBA East 2010
SilverSpeciality AlesFalmouth 2011
SilverSIBA East2013
GoldSpeciality AlesChampion Beer of East Anglia 2015
GoldSpeciality AlesSIBA East 2017


Real Ale Awards Won By Trawlerboys 4.6%

Champion Best Bitter of Great BritainGreat British Beer Festival2012
Silver - Supreme Champion Beer of Great BritainGreat British Beer Festival
SilverPremium BittersSIBA East 2012
BronzeOverallDewsbury 2012
SilverBest BittersNorwich 2012
GoldBest BittersChampion Beer of East Anglia 2014
GoldBest BittersChampion Beer of East Anglia 2015
GoldPremium BitterSIBA East Region 2016


Real Ale Awards Won By Lurcher Stout 4.8%

SilverStouts and PortersPeterborough 2008
SilverStouts and PortersSIBA East 2009
BronzeStouts and PortersMacclesfield 2010
GoldStouts and PortersSIBA East 2010
BronzeOverallSIBA East 2010
GoldBottled Stouts and PortersSIBA East 2011
BronzeStouts and PortersFalmouth 2011
GoldStouts and PortersChampion Beer of East Anglia 2013
BronzeStouts and PortersSIBA East 2016


Real Ale Awards Won By Red Herring 5.0%

BronzeInternational Beer Challenge2012
GoldSpecialist BeersSIBA East 2013
BronzeSpecialist BottlesSIBA East 2013
SilverSpecialist BeersChampion Beer of East Anglia 2017


Real Ale Awards Won By Gone Fishing 5.5%

SilverIPA'sMacclesfield 2010


Real Ale Awards Won By Mahseer IPA 5.8%

BronzePremium BittersPeterborough 2007
BronzeStrong BittersNorwich 2008
SilverPremium BittersSIBA East 2009
BronzeInternational Beer Challenge2012
SilverStrong Bitters and Pale AlesSIBA East 2016
BronzeStrong Bitters and Pale AlesSIBA East 2017


National Real Ale Awards Won By Ripper 8.5%

Supreme ChampionWinter Beer of Great Britain2007
BronzeChampion Beer of Great BritainGreat British Beer Festival 2007
SilverBarley WinesNational Winter Beers 2007
BronzeStrong AlesSIBA National 2009
BronzeStrong AlesSIBA National 2011
BronzeInternational Beer Challenge2012
GoldWorld Beer Championships2013
BronzeBarley Wines and Strong AlesCAMRA National Winter Beers 2014
SilverBarley Wines and Strong AlesCAMRA National Winter Beers 2017

Regional Real Ale Awards Won By Ripper 8.5%

GoldBarley WinesPeterborough 1996
GoldBarley WinesPeterborough 1997
GoldStrong AlesPeterborough 1998
GoldStrong AlesPeterborough 1999
GoldOverallEly 2004
SilverStrong AlesPeterborough 2007
GoldStrong BittersNorwich 2007
GoldStrong AlesPeterborough 2008
SilverStrong AlesEast Anglian 2008
SilverOverallEast Anglian 2008
GoldStrong AlesSIBA East 2009
GoldStrong AlesPeterborough 2009
SilverOverallPeterborough 2009
BronzeStrong AlesNorwich 2009
BronzeStrong AlesPeterborough 2010
GoldStrong AlesSIBA East 2010
BronzeStrong AlesNorwich 2010
SilverStrong AlesPeterborough 2011
BronzeStrong AlesPeterborough 2012
SilverStrong AlesSIBA East 2012
SilverStrong AlesNorwich 2012
GoldBarley WinesChampion Beer of East Anglia 2012
SilverStrong AlesPeterborough 2013
SilverStrong AlesSIBA East 2013
BronzeStrong AlesFalmouth 2013
SilverStrong AlesPeterborough 2014
SilverBarley WinesChampion Beer of East Anglia 2015
SilverBarley Wines and Strong Old AlesNational Winter Ales Festival 2017
SilverStrong BeersSIBA East 2017
GoldOverallChampion National Winter Ale Festival 2018
GoldBarley Wines and Strong Old AlesEast Anglia 2018


Real Ale Awards Won By Baltic Trader 10.5%

GoldOverall ChampionChelmsford Winter Beers 2010
GoldOverall ChampionSussex CAMRA Beer Festival 2011
GoldOverall ChampionChelmsford Winter Beers 2011
SilverOverallMorecambe 2012
BronzeInternational Beer Challenge2012
GoldOverall ChampionDudley Winter Ales Fayre 2012
BronzeStoutsChampion Beer of East Anglia 2015

Other Real Ale Awards

Fruit Bat - SilverSpecialist BeersNorwich 2010
Hop Harvest - SilverSpecialist BeersNorwich 2010
Rising Sun - GoldStrong BittersSIBA East 2013
Rising Sun - SilverOverallSIBA East 2013
Flower Power - GoldSmall PackSIBA East 2017